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got the new epg over night and now my box says not sat signal being received, when i look at the signal it has a signal and is locked on. is this problem linked to the new epg or is it seperate problem. any ideas before i spend half the evening on the phone to sky

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Re: help

Have you turned it off at the wall and then restarted it? Sometimes the box needs rebooting to get it to behave again.

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Re: help

Oh dear!
This is a known issue after the SkyHD EPG update shenanigans, as it appears at first glance to change the default transponder settings.
If you don't have a really good signal on this particular transponder, you will experience the symptoms that you are describing.
Try the following exercise, it appears to work for some but not all . . . .

 1. If at switch on it says no signal and a number in the video window box then do the following.
2. Press the Guide button.
3. Go to the top (****tions) bar.
4. Scroll through to the Settings menu.
5. Scroll down to Picture.
6. then press 0 then 1 then Select after each other to get to installer menu.
7. Scroll across to TX`PONDER.
8. If it says 11.856 V change to 10.714 H.
9. Exit, then reboot.

Depending on your signal levels, it may just do the trick.
Good luck!

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Re: help

Thanks Tonya i will give that a try as i do have a weak signal at times

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Re: help

thanks tonya but that did not work i now have no signal reading where as before i did


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