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Connecting Sky Multiroom HD box to amplifierHi

Hi guys (and girls),


I am possibly repeating a question that may have been answered already, but cannot find a match on the search function in forums. Apologies if this is the case.


I have just had a multiroom HD box fitted by Sky, just the basic smaller box, no recording functions etc. The only audio out seems to be a "digital audio" socket, and I am looking to connect the box to a Denon PMA720AE... again, nothing fancy, just your typical entry level amp. Try as I might, I cannot find a suitable cable to go from digital audio to the inputs available on my amplifier. Going from the TV isn't an option (long story). I'm not worried about setting up surround sound, just looking to utilise the 4 speaker set-up I have, so that I can add a bit of volume to music channels and sports.


Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction with this, or do I accept that my man cave will only provide me with minimal volume when watching Sky?


Your help is greatly appreciated.

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You need a DAC. The CYP AU-D3

You need a DAC.

The CYP AU-D3 is about the cheapest I can think of

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