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BBC One HD - Picture improvement

Has anyone else noticed that the picture quality on BBC ONE HD via Sky HD box improving dramatically yesterday, or is it just me ? Picture looks much brighter and clearer than it was a couple of days ago - in particular the BBC News broadcasts. Does anyone know if any work has been done to improve the signal strength, or whatever it is they do ? Thanks

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RE: BBC One HD - Picture improvement

Freesat too, first noticed on the BBC news at Six.

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RE: BBC One HD - Picture improvement

Haven't they moved to new studios, leaving behind the old TV Centre?

I imagine the new location is full HD ready, or maybe 4K ready?


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RE: BBC One HD - Picture improvement

Better on all platforms. Twiddling transmitters in readiness for losing one of the BBC  channels on 26th march. And BBC2 going high def.

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RE: BBC One HD - Picture improvement

I've noticed a differance too,my friend(yes i have one)commented that the pq was fantastic while watching the rugby at weekend.... it seems to be the stand out channel at the moment.

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