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Dab Reviews

Looking to replace my old HiFi with a compact cd/dab radio and have narrowed my selection down to:

Tangent Cinque Roberts MP23 Pure DMX60

Now I cannot make up my mind which one to go for. Suggestions or alternatives welcome.

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Re: Dab Reviews

All of these are four-star products with different strengths and weaknesses.

The Tangent's the simplest unit, but over-priced even as the cheapest of the three.

The Roberts probably just pips the Pure for all-round performance, but is still a far better DAB radio than CD player.

The Pure, meanwhile, is a strong DAB radio, rather weak CD player, but has a host of features - such as live pause, plus ability to record to SD cards -  if that appeals to you.

So, over to you. And don't forget you can buy better all-round performance than all three from the (admittedly slightly larger) Onkyo CS-515 micro system. All depends whether you're set on a one-box system!

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