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DAB radio plus Bluetooth

Hi I'm looking for a good quality dab radio system with Bluetooth for a small room

We have a pure mini for the kitchen which to me belts out plenty of volume & clarity

Looking something without a dock. Looking for high quality crisp sound even streaming

Something which won't date in looks or specs

I've seen a few, some newly released, with hardly any reviews

Specfically: ruark r1, revo supersignal & pure evoke2 with bluetooth


Anyone tried these or recommend one?

Do you think telescopic aerial would be an eyesore when in use?

Is streaming quality of sound of reasonable high quality?

I listen to a variety of musical style

I'll be streaming from iPhone & nexus7

Prior to this I've had an Yamaha iPod dock which had perfect sound & various Sony Microsystems before that


So it's my first step into proper wireless 

Thanks in advanced & happy new year