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DAB, Internet radio


I'm looking for a DAB/Internet radio with an ipod dock that I can also stream music wirelessly and/or via bluetooth. I had looked at the Revo Axis XS but this seems to be incredibly hard to get and appears to have been replaced by the X3, (which as far as I am aware just has the new Apple lightning conductor connection?). I have an iphone 4s with some music on it and an old ipod with just about all of my music on it. My budget is around £200 but I could stretch to £300 for the right product.

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.


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RE: DAB, Internet radio

Please take a look at the Pure site. They have combinations of just about everything.  http://www.pure.com/ipod-dock/. Also a lot of their radios have audio in.

If you go to the WHF Style systems pages there are a few decent choices there, their favourite is the Denon D-m39dab which from their 'shop' is available for £179.  See http://www.whathifi.com/review/denon-d-m39dab. Check out Superfi for some prices on speakers that they have partnered with it. Peter Tyson alsio listing it with Bluetooth for easy money. Just pick your speakers and you're away.

as with all writings on this forum, please go and listen to see if you like what you hear.

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