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pc to amp help.

just got a new pc and was thinking of either


Asus Xonar D2X Soundcard



Arcam rPac 


what would be better in your opinion?


i have a cambridge audio asur 640a amp


would be willing to buy new amp for improved sound,maybe with built in dac?


thank you.

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RE: pc to amp help.

Hi Kev,

Well those two options are quite different. The Xonar D2X looks cool and has surround sound, if you need that then it's most likely a good idea to get an internal card unless you just output optical to a decent AV amp. If stereo is all you need and care about then definitely get the rPAC, I can highly recommend that as a portable (with a laptop) headphone amp as well as a DAC, but yeah it will also output an analogue signal from the RCA connectors at the back to a stereo amp to great effect.

It's worth noting that the rPAC doesn't support 24bit 192khz (only up to 24bit 96khz) but I wouldn't let that put you off unless you have a ton of music in the former format. Purely down to quality of DAC the rPAC will win because it's only stereo. I think the Xonar will need at least 4 DAC chips for it's surround output and thus the quality of components in the rPAC will be much better and much more focused (more simple) for stereo quality.

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RE: pc to amp help.

You have already started a thread on this subject http://www.whathifi.com/forum/hi-fi/dac-or-sound-card-help-please

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RE: pc to amp help.

ok,thanks  :cheers:


i know,sorry i thouight i'd posted in the wrong area as got no replies.

thx again.

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RE: pc to amp help.

and no i have no need for surround, just want the best audio from pc to amp.

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