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NuForce Airdac



Looks like a great product. I wonder how good the sound is though.


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RE: NuForce Airdac

I'd be curious to know how good this is also. It feels a bit like them jumping on the airplay bandwagon. We will have no idea about DAC chips they use since they never like people to know that info. My worry here is that you would be paying a lot for the wireless privilege and the quality of the audio wont be worth near the sticker price alone. I hope we get more things like this soon from the competition too though.

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RE: NuForce Airdac

I've no idea either, but you might want to read this...



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RE: NuForce Airdac

Good grief - thanks for the link Overdose!


Whilst we have all made design bloopers from time to time (and for sure I include myself here) I think this is a salutory lesson for all concerned and may help show the benefits (or at least the lower risks) of sticking with products from long established and experienced audio design companies for this kind of quite technical product.


Not that I have an axe to grind :roll:


John Dawson

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