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My new shortlist

Hi again,

I am about to go on my travels again to see if I can find one that I am happy with as I didn't/don't feel completetly satisfied with the Mdac choice from my last outings.
Anyway I have demo's lined up for the following;
Audiolab Mdac
MF Clic
Naim V1 dac
Benchmark usb dac

These will hopefuuly start when the Naim dac comes out at the end of the month.
My previous conclusion was I really liked the Clic but I wont use many of the features and was over my budget of last year so was going to go with the mdac, had also listened to MF dac and Rega dac.
I decided to revisit as had big listening issues with audiolab equpment before which I love for detail but found the analytical approach sometimes losing the music, maybe this isn't the case with the mdac but I want to be certain, however as stated earlier the Clic was better to my ears and very nearly bought one last month.
The Naim dac is hugely intriguing as I have heard Naim equipment and found it very enjoyable and it ticks all the boxes for inputs.
The Nad has won plaudits from the magazine so deserves an audition but have only seen one persons comments here.
Benchmark dac's seem to be held in high regard and the new DAC 2 is available on demo so it's on the list although both that and the NAD are more than I really want to spend but I would feel uncomfortable with any choice without hearing them first.

Ok, so any others I should be looking at, I have to be able to demo somewhere accesible to me and don't really want to buy something on SOR just to hear it .

Any comments input hugely appreciated as always.
Thanks for reading.