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Left and right channel switched using Arcam rWand and rDac

Hi, I'm currently using three ways to play my Apple lossless files:1) I use an Arcam rWand with my Apple iPod Classic and send my music wirelessly (KLEER) to my Arcam rDac-w, which is connected via cinch/phono-cables to my Naim NAC-122x preamplifier. 2) Alternatively, I play music from my PC with iTunes wirelessly using AirPlay through an Apple Airport Express, which is connected via an optical digital cable to the rDac. 3) Finally, I simply connect my PC directly to the rDac via a USB cable. Problem: When I do 2) or 3), the left and right channels are correct. However, when I do 1), they are switched around, i.e. the left signal comes through the right speaker and the right signal comes through the left speaker. Has anybody else observed this behaviour? Is this an rWand bug? Is there anything I can do to fix it? Any advice is very much appreciated!