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DacMagic 100 VS Classic DacMagic


I'm looking at buying a DAC and the CA DacMagic seems to fit my budget. My question is; should I look at getting the new DacMagic 100 or the older more classic DacMgic (Not Plus..). I know the latter is not in production, but assuming I can get my hands on one, is one better than the other?

The diff that I see with the 100 is that it supports sampling rates of upto 192 Khz while the older version only supports 96 Khz.Also the newer 100 has a WM8742 chip while the clssic dacmagic has twin WM8740. 

I mostly listen to easy listening rock and jazz music and some times classical music.My primary source of music will be an old philps dvd player and am planning to set up some kind of network music player soon. Internet radio is also on the cards.


I know that newer is not necessarily better! What would you recommend  between the two.

Advice will be much appreciated.




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