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is dac worth it for stereo movies?

i want to improve sound quality for my stereo hi fi & especially to remove unwanted sound ( jitter etc ) from laptop.because it will be my music source. i'm down to these two and both have the same price:


-  the famous hrt streamer ii ( usb/no power supply )

- brik dac ( usb/optical/coaxial/power supply )


my problem is i also watch blu ray movies with my hi fi & i'm fine with the 2.0 sound.


i'm just curious if i connect blu ray player ( coaxial ) with brik dac to play movies, would it improve the sound? is it worth it to use dac for movies?

if hrt's usb sounded far better than brik's usb, then i'll get the hrt because music is more important.

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RE: is dac worth it for stereo movies?

I tried using a dac with my blu ray player and found no difference. I had the analogue and digital (via the dac) output from the blu ray plugged into the amp so I could switch instantly between the two. The blu ray player obviously will already have a dac in it - I suppose it comes down to how good it is compared to the stand alone dac you're using.

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