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DAC for the - AKG K3003i

Hello all.

I recently bought the - AKG K3003i In-Ear Monitors. Now I want the 'best' DAC available to go with the K3003i. I've narrowed it down to just two, the - Meridian Explorer DAC & the - Chord Hugo.

I mainly want to use the DAC more with my iPhone 5s, but I think the Hugo's have a sound limitation with iOS. Not sure if it's the case for the Explorer.. Also the IEM's I have use the output impedance (8 ohms) and the newer revised model explorer uses 5 ohms (old model was 48 ohms) I assume the revised model is safer to use with the K3003i's.

But I want your opinion which is best to use with the iPhone, do you have other suggestions? As for the Explorer... I may get a powers usb hub to allow the lighting to usb cable to work with DAC. But I like that the Chord has a built in battery. Don't know what to do!

Also want to know... Will the music in the iPhone play at 24-bit/192khz when using the Explorer? I do know that the Hugo won't, and it will play them at lower 16-bit frequency.

Hope I'm going in some kind of right direction with all this. 

Thanks in advance!