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CA DacMagic xs Help

Looking for an explanation on DAC's.

I am thinking of investing in CA DacMagic xs, though I don't  the understand the technology very well.


I mostly listen to my music on the PC where I have a pair of Logitech z10's attached via usb connection.

I believe all the sound processing is handled onboard the speakers themselves so no sound card is needed.

I then sometimes plug my headphones in the jack port on the side of these speakers.


Most of my music is mp3, with some flac material.

So why would I need to convert from digital to analogue?

Would investing in the dac magic xs make sense in my particular senario? & would the price be worth the potential performance gains?

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RE: CA DacMagic xs Help

You don't need another DAC - your speakers already have one built in. Digital goes from the PC to the speakers via USB and gets converted to analogue within the speaker. If you were to invest in better speakers that only had an analogue input, a DAC would probably be an improvement over the analogue output of the computer.

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