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Arcam Rlink problem

When I connected the Rlink to my blurayplayer, every time when I started to play a song the digital signal (coaxial) came one second too late so the song started at 0:01. Very annoying............this problem didn't occur when playing a whole disc. Only when I started a new song.

Does someone recognize this problem and does the Rdac have this problem too ?

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RE: Arcam Rlink problem

Slightly sideways but I have a problem with the rPac; it is connected to a Mac and out to headphones or a small Acoustic Energy 2.1 system. When watching/listening to youtube, if I select another video or another track there is a loud cracking/switching sound (difficult to describe) and the sound stops completely. Only remedied by pulling out the power/usb lead and re-connecting it.


Two emails to the manufacturer have yielded no response.


Sorry to pick up the thread on a slightly different product

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