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Affordable DAC (with AC adaptor) for PC/Mac and direct portible device (IPhone...)?


Does anyone know if there's a small simple and affordable DAC, with an AC adapter jack,  which has the option to connect to a PC/Mac, or connect directly to a portible device (IPhone...)?

I want to use it for my PC in my room, but also connect it, sometimes, to the stereo system in my living room (using my IPhone as source, and powering the DAC with an AC adapter).

When checking out the prices of DAC devices with AC adapter jacks, on the web, I noticed that there are affordable DACs, (200$), either for pc/mac or for portible devices, but not for both (for a reasonable price).

(The ones that do have both options and more, cost way more, and generaly are more advanesed and are of higher quality - which justifies the price!).





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RE: Affordable DAC for PC/Mac and iPhone

If using iTunes and there is no good reason not to, then an Airport Express would be perfect.

I have had several DACs and none bettered the AEX, there may or may not have been differences, but so small as to make no difference at all. Therefore, you would do yourself and your wallet a favour and end up with a perfectly synchronised system.

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RE: Affordable DAC (with AC adaptor)

Chord Hugo  Smile

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RE: Affordable DAC (with AC adaptor)

Bass_line wrote:

Chord Hugo  Smile

Yeah, that's very affordable isn't it. Did you look at the first post? $200 was mentioned.

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RE: Affordable DAC direct portible device

I have just bought the CrystalAcoustics WiDac. 




i have an Iphone Ipad which connects to the DAC via Airplay. 

The WiDac is connected to my HiFi system with phono plugs.

the WiDac also supports DLNA so my laptop connects using Windows Media Player. 

i can play music from my iphone, ipad, my network attached storage and Spotify , all using my iphone or ipad as the control.

The WiDac has a usb socket which will connect to an apple charger or other usb chargers


the sound is very good. Much better than using bluetooth. 

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