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wireless pc <-> dac streamer without special software

Hi everyone.


For quite a lot of time already I'm unable to find a device which would simply replace the USB cable connecting now my PC with CA DAC Magic. I know about Airport Express and Squeezeboxes, but it puts some software limitations (the first has to be used with iTunes/AirFoil, the second with some special software).


So is there a device with:

1) bit-perfect audio transmission from my PC to somewhere

2) bit-perfect output via USB or SPDIF

3) no additional software (e.g. allowing me to use my foobar as a music player)

4) ideally using my home wi-fi network?

5) <$150 price (i assume that the device is just a simple transmitter with no DACs or whatever else on it)?


Again, if Airport Express was not linked to iTunes (and therefore acting just as an external soundcard) it would be an ideal device for me...


Is there such a gadget? 


Would EXTREMELY appreciate your suggestions....


Thanks a lot in advance!