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Streaming and/or iTunes setup

Hi everyone,


I'm on a mission to sort out my system at home and have some questions to put out to you.

i have no room in my living room for floor standing or stand mounted speakers, so I've picked up a pair of Ruark Audio MR1s.

At the moment I'm torn between sorting out my system for streaming or for playing from an iTunes library. On the one hand there is the convenience and cost savings using, say, Spotify or Xbox Music, and then there's the quality from using lossless audio on iTunes.

Let's start with the streaming option. I like being able to stream audio from xbox music on my xbox one. I currently have the xbox one connected to the tv using hdmi, and I'm outputting from the stereo out in the tv to the speakers. How might this be improved? And which device is handling the DAC? Would buying a DAC, outputting the digital audio out from the xbox to it and then connecting the speakers to the DAC be a better option, or would any gains be minimal?

And the biggest problem I'm having with the lossless audio route is that if I went this route, I would want to use iTunes as this provides a very nice way of managing a library with lots of metadata about music. However, connecting my MacBook up every time it want to listen to music is annoying, and a Mac Mini at a £400-500 is too much just for ITunes. Any suggestions here? Or would the gains be minimal compared to streaming considering my speakers?