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Streamer Advice

Having used my ipod as my main music source, I am now looking to invest in a streamer.   As the rest of my system is Cyrus ( PreXpdQx, 2 x Mono200's),  I have been looking at the Cyrus X2.


I have 2 questions. 

1. If I buy a streamer,  does my PC have to be switched on all the time to access the files in my Itunes library.

2.  Is there much difference in sound quality from streamer to streamer.  I see a streamer as a transport device and the sound quality depending on the type of files ( mine are all apple lossless) and the DAC, Amplification and speakers.  So, do I need to spend a grand on a piece of Cyrus kit to match the rest of my units,  or can a few hundered quid work on a cheaper streamer ?????



Cyrus DAC XP+ with Cyrus PSXR.  Cyrus Mono X200's x 2.  Cyrus Stream x2,  Rotel RP855 Turntable + Rega Elys 2 Cartridge,  with Rega Phono MM.  Rega RS3 Speakers. Atlas Interconnects and QED Rev Sig Speaker Cable.

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RE: Streamer Advice

I'm happy with my Mac mini straight into my speakers.

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