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Sample Rates & Bit Depth
What are the best settings to go for when playing back MP3s, watching internet videos and the occasional DVD on the Laptop. I am using a Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop with a pair of M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 speakers connected via the 3.5 headphone socket of my laptop to the phono L+R line in socket on the speakers. There is 16-bit and 24-bit options along with their Hz setting in the Windows Speaker section. Which is the best bang for buck in terms of performance that will not impact audio quality. I have heard that selecting setting other than the source will result in up-sampling or down-sampling which will cause extra processing and hence result in quality loss, is this true or just a load of bull?
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RE: Sample Rates & Bit Depth

Rip at CD quality, ie 16 Bit/44.1KHz. No point in higher resolutions in themselves.

I use iTunes and rip to ALAC and AAC. I have no issues but then I use Apple equipment, so it is all native.

The AAC is at 192Kbps VBR and gives excellent results. Sony Walkman has AAC added as a compatible format.

Other people use software such as dB Poweramp, EAC, Foobar etc. All do their job and offer slightly different ways of doing things. I have come to prefer AAC, as it seems a more efficient codec than mp3.

Just some thoughts for you. Smile


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RE: Sample Rates & Bit Depth

The output settings are, IMHO, pretty pointless. If you do your own sound recording then the options are useful, but for simple mp3 playback etc, just leave them at any setting you want (obviously not below CD quality!). I set mine to max 24/192 and it sounds no different to the default 16/44.1 setting, and I use a fairly reasonable rig with my PC, so don't worry about it and enjoy the music!


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