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Organisation of Audio Files for DLNA/Media Streaming to Audiolab 8200AP


I have purchased and Network Media Player which accepts a hard disk with audio and video files.

I am planning to copy the audio CD's i have to the hard disk with the format :

DRIVE:\Audio\AtoZ\Artist\Album Directory\Files from the Album for Audio

Hence the organisation is A to Z, sub directory based on Artist, then further sub directory based on Album of the artist.

Is this an optimal method to implement Audio CD's onto a hard disk.

I was then going to use Media Monkey to grab the titles and pictures etc. Will this work ?

What file format should i use - is FLAC the best for assigning meta data ?

If i use the raw image from the CD - will meta data be applicable - is there a preferred method ?.

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RE: Organisation of Audio Files.

All I would do is to use a competent media player (software) and use its own tagging function to label and append artwork as it imports. Just create a 'media' or 'music' file on the hard drive and send all rips to that folder, this will be selected in the media player preferences.

I use iTunes personally, but there are others out there. I find iTunes to be very good at organising the files. If you go down this route, there are penty of tutorials, but when finished, all your music will be well organised and in one place.

Rip to ALAC and these can be converted to FLAC at a later date. You might not need to though if your Network player reads ALAC.

Always use error correction

Always have a backup, because if you don't and have a large music collection, the thought of having to re-rip over a thousand albums will fill you with dread, seriously, get another cheap drive and backup those files.

Check every CD that you rip, to make sure the metadata is as you want it. There is no standard when it comes to embedding the data in any particular format or content and it takes some sorting.

That's it for now.

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