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Naim Streamers

Hi again,

Happy New Year to all

I am still unsure on a choice of Dac and have been looking at streamers, I have heard the M1 Clic which used as a dac is for me the best I have heard so far.

My other considerations at this point would be Linn Majik DS /M and from Naim the ND5XS or NAC172XS which brings me to my question.

The 172XS seems to offer a lot more functions, inputs, higher sampling rates than the 5XS but the 5XS is nearly £500 more, am I missing something out here, I may be starting the new year by displaying more than my usual stupidity if so my apologies, but why would I go for the 5xs over the 172 XS.

Also out of curiosity has anyone heard any of the three streamers together, (Naim, Linn, MF) any thoughts, comparisons, I think it will probably come down to personal taste and I will be on tour soon to find out for myself but any views hugely appreciated.

Thanks again for reading and any input is welcome.

I am just waiting for the hangover to strike, I am old enough to know better but 2012 was a good year so was worth seeing it off in a little style,I expect there may not be much response today !