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I've managed 8 years without the need to hit the What hi-fi magazine read-a-thon but now the time has come to catch up again with the 'latest gizmos' knowing full well that the best buy today will become obsolete in a week! So here goes. I have a Tosh big box telly 36" (100 htz), brilliant picture. Looking for a newer slimmer model (t.v that is!) Watch 90% sport,9% dvd box sets,1% simpsons/futurama. Have B and W VM1 5.1 surround system and Yamaha RXV630RDS amp which I don't want to (need to upgrade). Also need Blu ray D.V.D.(3D?) Budget £600 T.V,£500 D.V.D. Concerns: future proofing a least a month! 3D sound from my amp if purchasing 3D telly and 3D blu ray. Don't know too much about the latter due to being still in 20th Century. Thanks