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sony ps3 or sony bdp-580

how do these two compare against eachother?

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RE: sony ps3 or sony bdp-580

What's the rest of your system like? Which TV have you got? Are you looking for blu-ray performance only or DVD performance as well? What other features are you looking for? Are you interested in gaming?

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RE: sony ps3 or sony bdp-580

And to add to bigboss's list of questions, is 3D a priority for you? If you don't own a 3D-ready TV and you've no interest in 3D content your options expand.

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RE: sony ps3 or sony bdp-580

PS3 makes a decent bu ray player,
The standalone makes a rubbish games console.
PS3 is also quite a snazzy media centre too even if you have no interest in games.

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RE: sony ps3 or sony bdp-580

scrapped the idea of a ps3, looking for a good blu ray player doesn't have to be 3d but definately needs to have wifi not a dongle.  Would also like it to stream lovefilm, has anyone got any experience of this i.e picture quality, any problems streaming from lovefilm?

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