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Sony BDPS570 wireless connection

MySony BDPS570 will not pick up the wireless signal from my router which is sited about  12 feet away through two breeze block walls.  A laptop placed next to the BDPS570 has no difficulty in making a connection.  In the past I have overcome this problem by using wired Powerlink devices.  However, I now require the Powerlinks for a TalkTalk Youview connection.  Can I fit a wireless dongle to the 570 and, if so, how do I make the connection?

The reason why I want to keep the BDPS570 connection is to continue to access Lovefilm Instant which I have on a 12 month free trial.  Before I signed up for Youview I had thought that I could access Lovefilm Instant through Youview, and therefore would not require the Sony online link.  However, I now find that Youview will only support Lovefilm BoxOffice, which is a different beast with a smaller selection of films.