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sony bdp470 to panasominc bdt110 worth it?

im getting a 3d tv in the next few weeks and wondered if the panny bluray play is a worthwhile upgrade for bluray 2d and 3d viewing?or will i not see a difference from the sony as ive seen noither player in 3d yet


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RE: sony bdp470 to panasominc bdt110 worth it?

Speaking purely from a point of no experience of either player, I'm going to say I very much doubt it's worth spending out on the Panny over your existing Sony. Even WHF's review of the Panny states it's 3D performance is the most enjoyable "if only by a tiny margin" and reviews of the Sony suggest it's a decent 3D player in its own right.

Certainly you should at least try the Sony beore looking to upgrade it! If you're not happy with the 3D performance, then maybe it's worth taking a look to see if things can be improved, but until then I really don't think it would be good use of your money.


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RE: sony bdp470 to panasominc bdt110 worth it?

Agree with Prof. Hat. Moving from Sony S470 to Pana 110 is certainly not an "upgrade".

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RE: sony bdp470 to panasominc bdt110 worth it?

thanks for the advice,my son has now decided to have my s470 and ive bought the panny bdt-110

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