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Sony BDP-S7200

Anyone got any thoughts on the Sony BDP-S7200?

Looking to upgrade and would ideally like a Sony to match my amp but I'm not a fan of this pyramid design of the other units.

I'm struggling to find reviews of it.

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This was reviewed recently in

This was reviewed recently in WHF very favourably.  It is an upgrade from the 6200 without the the plastic roof with some extra toys and a second HDMI.  If you are keen in Sony, you should not be disappointed.

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pantthrower wrote:

pantthrower wrote:

The price here in Indonesia for the 7200 is cheaper than the S790 of mine & the 7200 only have one hdmi output.  The audio out with digital coax. 

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Do you think the 7200 is

Do you think the 7200 is worth an extra £110 over the 5200?

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Only if the design and extra

Only if the design and extra features appeal you. For blu ray picture quality, both will be exactly the same.

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