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Panasonic swap out

Am currently wondering whether to swap my Panasonic BDT310 BD player for a Panasonic BDT260, purely for aesthetic reasons on my 'wrack'. The pic and sound  quality is brilliant on the 310 and I know il be losing the SD card slot but the 260 received a great review for said pic and sound and would look (and fit lol) on my wrack so much better. Any input  would be greatly appreciated...

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RE: Panasonic swap out

It's your choice. There won't be any difference in picture quality.

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RE: Panasonic swap out

I have a BDT310 BD player, and I cannot see what benefit you will get from changing model, apart from "aesthetics" and being able to say that you "have this years model".

I think that you will be wasting your money by swopping - sorry if that's not the response you wanted.

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