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Panasonic bluray connecting to iPhone 5 help

Hi I have a Panasonic bluray cinema system ,bt 200 with the old 16 pin iPod dock on front , I now have a iphone5 which won't connect to it , I could use my old phone either with dock or via the USB lead , I've tried one of the adaptor things that change from 16 pin to lighting lead and it doesn't recognise there is a device connected and the same with the lighting lead connected to USB port , has anybody else mastered this or am I gonna have to upgrade due to this stupid phone , any help would be most greatful I've been to curtsy and might as well banged my head on the wall 

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30pin dock to 3.5mm jack

30pin dock to 3.5mm jack cable?


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RE: 30pin dock to 3.5mm jack

You can get the fastest Blu-ray Ripper to watch Blu-ray on iPhone 5C

Read the guide here.

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