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help choosing 2d/3d blu ray player?

Smile hi i have at the moment a panasonic tx-p55vt30 tv and a sony 760 blu ray player the pictures look amazing but can somebody help me choose a 2d/3d blu ray player more up to date that would be the perfect partner to the tv i want the very best picture performance and features i want a step up from the sony 760 please could somebody please help asap please Smile

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RE: help choosing 2d/3d blu ray player?

I would say it depends on 2 things, your budget and your sound system. In my opinion theres very little picture difference in players, but more difference in sound. I have the Panasonic 310, and for My TV and sound system it fits in nicely, and is a step up from the Sony 570 I used to own.

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Agreed. If you have just the

Agreed. If you have just the TV & blu-ray player (& no sound system), you're better off buying a cheap 3D blu-ray player.

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