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Can not view movies


Ive had Virgin fitted and today was the first time i tried to watch a BluRay and i cant hear or see anything.


I have a all Sony set up TV(KDL-40W4500) Home Theatre System(HT-IS100) BP Player(BDP-S350), and all connected by HDMI.


BR player plugged in to BR port on the HTS, Tivo box plugged into HDMI 2 in the tv, and the TV plugged into the HTS via tv out from HDMI 1, and i have a OPT cable from the tv to the HTS.

Im pretty much certain that this was the set up before the engineer done his bit, but now i can see or hear anything and ive looked through the manuals and they are pants.


Any ideas ?


Thanks for reading and help if i get any.






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RE: Can not view movies

Difficult one to troubleshoot remotely this - clearly the TV needs to be set to input HDMI 1 and the home cinema unit to your Blu-ray input. Assuming this, it should work - have you tried putting things back to how they were previously by just unplugging the Tivo from the TV?


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