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CA 751BD users

Has anyone ben able to connect their 751BD to a wireless N network, and if so did you experience any issues?

When i try to connect it, it doesn't find my wireless N network and when i try to input the details manually it says it can't find a network with the SSID i specified.

I know that the network is there and the SSID is correct because I have other devices connected to it.

I'm using an Apple Time Capsule which broadcasts wireless G and N networks simultaneously. The 751BD has no trouble finding the G network and I did actually manage to play an HD film all the way through without any hitches, but I know from experience that N is a lot more stable.

Coincidentally, my Mac never connects automatically the the N network - it's like it looks and gives up before it can latch on to it, so the list of available networks pops up and it always takes a second or two for the wireless N network to appear, and then i select it manually (my ipad has no such trouble).

Any thoughts? I have raised a support thingy with CA and am awaiting a reply.