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Blu ray upgrade

Looking to upgrade my blu ray player. Wanting better pictures , rather than sound. Budget upto 750. Current player set up is : Samsung TV LED UE 40B7000, with sony BDP-S360 blu ray player and sony DAV-DZ700 cinema sound box.

The sony does take a long time to upload and can freeze frames on playing the dvds. Any help much appreciated as there is so much choice out there.

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RE: Blu ray upgrade

If I were you, I'd take your current Sony and try and compare with it with as many of the likes of the Panasonic DMP-BDT210, the Pioneer BDP-LX55 (as and when released), the Marantz UD5005, the Cambridge Audio Azur 651BD and the Denon DBP-2012UD as you can. Forget how much each player costs and just compare the relative merits compared with your Sony.

Once you've decided which provide a big enough step up in quality to justify a new purchase (assuming one does, many people have found they can't perceive any differences), you can then judge whether the outlay is worth improvement and hey presto, you can make a choice


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