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Arcam BDP300

Hi can you tell me when What HiFi are going to review the new Arcam BDP300, I currently own the BDP100 and want to know if it is worth accepting the £500 upgrade path, or would it be sensible to spend my £500 on the Marantz or Denon.

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RE: Arcam BDP300
Just to say I have the AVR600 with the BDP300 and they both work perfectly together. However I did have 3 BDP100's before and they all failed to work properly for one reason or another over a 15 month period so I upgraded to the BDP300. The load speeds are brilliant, really quick and the response from the remote excellent, the BDP300 does appear to be a totally different monster with different software and now appears to be a great investment after testing my patience to an extreme!
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