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yamaha z9 or RX A3020/Pioneer SC-LX86-K/Arcam Old versus new

I am hoping the advice I have been given is an opinion rather than fact.  I am in the process of purchasing the Apex MA speaker package and was upgrading my Yamaha z9 in order to be able to enjoy HD sound.  The Yamaha Z9 for those that remember was over £3k in its time.  So when I looked at flagship AV receivers of modern times I got excited to think I was getting all the extras - 4k passthrough, airplay bla bla bla as well as HD sound - but for a fraction of the price I paid for my Z9.


And then someone dropped the bombshell.  The sound might not be so good.  The amplification will be less and I may notice.......


Please tell me it was just an opinion??????


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