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Yamaha rxa3010

Im impressed by the feature list of the Yamaha RXA3010 but it quotes 150w x2. Whats its true power rating when pushing 5 or 7 channels at the same time.

i had a Harman Kardon avr660 that quoted 75w per channel but measured with all channels running. This was very evident by how strong this amp was. I would like to know if this Yamaha comes close to this

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RE: Yamaha rxa3010

3010 lab measures


2 x 165 w continuos 8 ohm, 2 x 205 w impulsive 8 ohm

2 x 245 w continuos 4 ohm, 2 x 326 w impulsive 4 ohm

5 x 71 w continuos 8 ohm, 5 x 125 w continuos 4 ohm

7 x 65 w continuos 8 ohm, 7 x 120 w continuos 4 ohm

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