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Yamaha Recivers if you use Plex!!!

Hi all, Don't buy any Yamaha Recivers if you use Plex media server with Apple hardware...

DON'T buy from    SOUND & VISION!!!

in Bolton..

before asking about there returns policy!

I asked for a refund the next day after purchase and was told NO!

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RE: Yamaha Recivers if you use Plex!!!

What exactly is the problem? There's no point in naming & shaming a retailer. Sound & Vision is perfectly within its legal rights to refuse a return when there's nothing wrong with the receiver itself.


According to Sale of Goods ActIf there is nothing wrong with the item, you don’t have the legal right to return it.


If you describe your problem, maybe some members can help you out. In what way is Plex media not compatible with Yamaha receiver? What's the receiver's model number?

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RE: Yamaha Recivers if you use Plex!!!

You've now posted exactly the same thing at least ten times. Can you please either explain yourself or stop doing so.

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RE: Yamaha Recivers if you use Plex!!!

You are right! The shop is not obligated to give a refund...

But I did explain what I wanted the amp for (To have it connected to a mac running plex media server) but the remote that came with the amp conflicted with plex,

I changed the IR id on the amp which still conflicted but with a different commad,

I rang the shop and was told to use the app on the iphone instead, or have a store credit, but we only sell Yamaha/Onkyo they also  said they would contact Yamaha support, which I also did and the advice was to use the scene button to cahnge inputs...

Yamaha, rx-v771



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RE: Yamaha Recivers if you use Plex!!!

As I said make sure you understand the shops return policy before purchase,

As other shops offer a no quibble refund if you have any problems within 14 days...

There is also ''the not fit for purpose'' if you have told them want its for and it does not work...


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