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Yamaha 667 not giving HD audio





I've had the Yamaha 667 av receiver and Sony 370 Blu Ray for over a year now and it has never given HD sound. It is setup via HDMI and the Yamaha connects to a LG 37". 

I can get DD and DTS from DVDs and on Blu Ray the titles are in Dolby Digital, I can also get Dolby Digital on foreign soundtracks,  but using the Sony 370 I can only get either PCM or 'no decoder' using either Blu ray audio downmix on or off. I have tried every conceivable combination in the amp and blu ray setups but still no HD sound. 

If anyone has one of these combos could you let me know what your setups should be, or if anyone has any other ideas else that I could try.

Many many thanks




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RE: Yamaha 667 not giving HD audio

If your blu ray player decodes audio, your amp won't show but you'll still get HD audio. If you set your player to bitstream, your receiver will then decode audio & show it on screen.

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RE: Yamaha 667 not giving HD audio

Checkout similar treads here. A month back, sorry I can't remember the solution.

Yamaha V2065. MS Mezzo 5.1 Panasonic 42. Sony BD. Garrard 86SB. WD Live TV. SkyHD.



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