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What can solve my dodgy acoustics? Audyssey or YPAO

I'll try and keep it brief! I'm looking for a replacement for my trusty old Yamaha DSP-E800 decoder that's going to solve some of the problem accoustics in my now carpetless lounge (much more "live" sounding than it was with a loss of bass definition). I want to keep the hifi intact and use the pre-outs from a new receiver that I hoped would be able to apply one of these EQ processing systems to improve the situation. Needing pre-outs has narrowed down the choice considerably and with the exception of the slimline Marantz units has pushed me further up the price range. I've read that the audyssey EQ systems found on the Marantz and Onkyo do a better job in difficult rooms than the YPAO equivelent on the Yamahas, and there's even different levels of Audyssey processing from the basic version on the slimline Marantz NR units to the audyssey XT version on the larger Marantz SR series. On the other hand the Yamahas (has to be the 771 or higher for the pre-outs) have all kinds of DSP options that might mask the problems (I've heard the sci-fi mode on the Yamaha and it was certainly more impressive than the "just add reverb" approach they used to take). Can anyone advise whether these processing are likely to help, and if they have any other recommendations they can make, other than add a rug (not likely to go down well with the other half!)

Also, anyone else intrigued by the new Cambridge Audio Azur 551? No networking or EQ options but defeatable Faroujda processing on individual HDMI inputs and the emphasis on sound quality? Hopefully there'll be a review soon?


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