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upgrading receiver

Looking to upgrade from onkyo 605. Currently I have ps3 playing blu-ray, dvd and sky hd, going to onkyo receiver through to LG PK 350. For music, I have goldring GR2, wav files played from laptop with J river media centre16, SPDIF to dacmagic balanced cables into cambridge audio 840a. Speakers are acoustic energy aegis neo 5.1 floor standing 3's at the front, no preouts on 605 so have to keep changing speaker cables. Happy with sound through 840 amp, just want more from receiver set up. Mostly looking at slightlly older amps, more for your money, it seems. Any suggestions appreciated, also how high could i go before speakers become a weak point. Many thanks

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RE: upgrading receiver

The new 709 (or older 708 if you can still find one) would be the obvious choice.  The new Yamahas have been well received and the older 67 models are very good.  Yamaha are usually the cheapest to offer them, which are found on their 7** series receivers.

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RE: upgrading receiver

Reviews of 2067,3067 do seem good along with denon 2310,3310 also pioneer vsx2020,lx53,lx 73,lx83 .There are some good deals on these models at the moment.Refurb,ex display and also some new.Looking mainly at the older models to get more for my money.not sure to go for lower model and carry on using 840a through pre outs or get higher model and then sell 840a.

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