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Upgrade time SCLX-57 or RXA-2020

Has it really been 4 years since I bought the denon avr2310?

well it's time to upgrade I feel, and as you can see I've narrowed the field to to the above mentioned Pioneer and Yamaha.

the added features on both are very impressive and I definitely need the dlna/airplay streaming capabilities

firstly, can I presume the improvement in SQ would be substantial over the Denon? The extra power should see to that. 

Secondly is the price difference. The Yamaha is £300/€400 more expensive. Is it worth the extra outlay?

as usual, all input is appreciated



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I'd be careful when you

I'd be careful when you expect sound quality difference. I demo'd a Yamaha amp on B&W CM series and although the steering and surround sound effects in movies was much better than an old Denon 3803 I had, the music reproduction was very bright (to the point I found it painful to listen to... I do list quite loud sometimes, mind). I wouldn't say it sounded 'better'.

Same speakers, I heard the previous Pioneer LX56 and despite a few reviews saying so, I didn't find it bright or difficult to match with the B&W speakers.

Mind you, saying that, I bought an Arcam AVR in the end as it suited my situation far better.

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Yamaha 2020 is more in the

Yamaha 2020 is more in the league of Pioneer LX77 & is therefore superior.

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RE: Yamaha 2020 is more in the

I went from a denon 3310 to a pioneer 75 last year and there was a noticeable improvement, so I would expect you'd see a marked difference going from the 2310 to either of the models you mention. 

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