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TV Sounds Amazing, how does it work?

I'm new to surround sound and loving my new and half competent setup. 

Im watching TV in the TV Logic mode and it sounds amazing. How does a 2.0 channel get spread into 5.1 so well? There's a real joy to watching TV and getting a wider, broader and surround sound. How does it do it? It puts music to the l and r, birds tweeting to the rear etc etc. It does sound great, I have to listen very hard to discover exactly where the sounds come from. 

I listen in a 2.0 or 2.1 mode when music is on. 



Just for reference. I have an Onkyo 609, mission 731 L and R's, a 75C mission centre and some big Mordaunt short book shelflike at the back, with an MJ acoustics pro 50 mk2 sub. Chord carnival for the front 3.