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Tannoy Sfx sub settings


just bought from richer sounds he tannoy Sfx sub.

i was wondering what the correct settings are for the sub,the actual controls on th rear of the sub.

there is power ,phase,crossover and level 

any help is appreciated 



ps, connected to. Yamaha rx-v371

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RE: Tannoy Sfx sub settings

Hi near dark

What speakers do you have to go with this subwoofer?

There are not any correct settings for a subwoofer to be honest just a good starting point. I would advise the folowing

Phase set on 0

Turn the gain or volume on it up to no more than half way

Lastly put the crossover setting at around 80Hz

When you have done this you will have to run the YPAO setup on your amp using the mic supplied by Yamaha. After callibration if the subwoofer is too loud you can turn it down on the amp in the speaker menu rather than on the sub as it steps down in 1/2dB steps so is easier to judge, especially if you dont have a SPL meter using the test tone option.

Note: Position in a room will alter the sound from it dramatically




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RE: Tannoy Sfx sub settings

Hi,Thank you for the help,I will follow your advice and see what happens .

i have a kef centre speaker and gale 3010,s for the font and rear .

thanks again 


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Hi I have just purchased the Tannoy SFX subwoofer from Richersounds , and I cant get it to put out the right amounnt of bass for both  Music and films .I have it connected to a Yamaha RXV877 av System  plese can you help me to set it up so I can hear more base. As it stands the speaker does not even vibrate  at all you would think  that wasnt even switched on.


please help if you can thanks

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