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Maybe it's a braintwirl, but if I still want floorstanders in the front, (biwired or not ...) which one can I chose when I go for the B&W mini Theatre MT-60D for the surround and subwoofer ? I think the XG series are discontinued. Is there anyway something that fits the mini theatre ?

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RE: surround

Shouldn't be a problem. Depending on your budget, from cheapest to dearest...;


684, 683, CM8, CM9, 804, 803, 802, 800, Nautilus.


Although I'd think the 6XX or CM ranges will probably be most appropriate for the rest of your system.

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RE: surround

it does kinda depend on your amp.


But I am looking at 685 as my surrounds to go with my 703 floor standers.


dont think i would be looking at more than some 684 to go with the minis. may be some of the XT range if ex demo/close out.

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