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Sony STRDH820 Help please...
Hi i never really do forums but here goes worth a shot i guess lol...

I've bought the following:

Amp: Sony STRDH820
Speakers connected to amp: Boston SOUNDWARE XS 7.1
Sound Card: Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCI Express Sound card
Optical Lead: Cambridge Audio 300 Series Optical Lead
Operating System: Windows 7 64bit

Now the issue i'm haveing is that i am getting sound from only 2 speakers and the rest ain't doing anything when i play a media file or so but when i go to (digital audio (S/PDIF) in the sound options and right click properties and go to supported formats it has *DTS Audio Ticked*, *Dolby Digital Ticked* Sample Rates is set to 48.0kHz.

If i mouse over *DTS Audio Ticked*, *Dolby Digital Ticked* and click test on both of them individually i get 5.1 bong sounds comeing from them bass from sub and dings from 5 speakers... the other 2 speakers don't have sound come from them...

What am i doing wrong i can't seem to find any options in the Creative Console Launcher nor the windows settings... If i am suppose to set the media files to play in a certain way or so what am i suppose to do...

I mainly got this set for pc gaming surround sound and movies through the pc.

This is all new to me so i'd appreciate the assistance.

Thanks in advance.