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Sony STRDH820 HDMI Video & Optical Audio not working

Having a few issues at the moment with my new receiver.

I want to watch movies from my pc which is using a ATI HD5700 GPU. However it seems I cannot get 5.1 etc to work so I am trying to get the sound via the optical output on the MOBO which I used in the past with a different setup.

If I plug in the HDMI and assign the audio to come from the optical input I do not get any sound (and set the PC to transmit audio via optical). If however I assign optical to another input I get the full 5.1 signal but I then cannot connect the HDMI cable without loosing the full 5.1. 

So in summary why can i not have Optical audio and HDMI video on my amp?

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RE: Sony STRDH820 HDMI Video & Optical Audio not working

Why do you want Optical Audio? you do realize that HDMI has audio quality far better than optical right? Just plug in HDMI only for both audio and video and you'll be good to go.

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