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simple home cinema / audio + streaming system - could you please recommend something?

hi all


I would like to ask you for your opinion / recommendation.

I am planning to buy an audio/home cinema equipment for my living room. I am mainly into listening to the music rather than being after cinema-sound experience, and I would also like to limit the number of cables running through my apartment to the minimum. Therefore I guess I should be looking mainly on 2.1 (or stereo) systems. Moreover, I have a NAS server/media player already connected to the home network and the TV, and I am considering having a SONOS solution for streaming the music from it to the stereo / home cinema system (any alternative to that?).


So my requirements are:

- Blue ray / DVD / CD player for playing movies / audio.

- FM radio would be nice to have

- being able to connect TV to it (i.e. to have cable TV sound/Media player sound on the speakers of the system)

- being able to connect iPod to it

- being able to connect Sonos Connect to it (any expandable-to-other-rooms alternative to streaming music from your NAS to the stereo directly?)

I found a good solution (Yamaha Pianocraft MCR-941). The only problem I can think of is that it would only have 1 AUX-IN port, so I would need to use it for both TV-out sound and Sonos Connect - which means I would need to plug-in, plug-out the cables all the time. This might be a bit annoying, therefore I would like to ask you if you can think of any alternative to Yamaha MCR-941 that would meet my requirements.


Thanks in advance for all your shoppinig tips Smile