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Receiver Advice Needed

I'm looking for an AV reciever to partner my Kef 2005.3 speakers and my head is spinning reading AV receiver specs, especially as the prices are dropping all the time for X-mas. 


My budget is at or around £300 - so the Sony 820, Onkyo 509, Yamaha 471 and at a bit of a squeeze Yamaha 671 all come in to play.


I don't think I need upscaling, since my sources (Humax Foxsat, Sony BD-470 and Xbox 360-S) output over HDMI and my telly (Samsung UE40C750) can  upscale if necssary. So I'm most interested in movie sound quality since  2-channel hifi is taken care of else where. 

I was swaying towards the Yam-471, but I see the Onkyo 509 has more features (zone 2, networking, Iphone app). Any thoughts on how they might partner with the Kefs? Would I see much of a step up in performance to the Yam-671? Any important features that I'm missing here?


I will try and audition kit, but any advice in advance would be much appreciated.