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Q7000s new best friend

Im abolut to upgrade my av setup. I was recently divorced and moved to a smaller place. Therefore my DIY speakers must be replaced with something smaller - the q acoustics q7000! I will order those soon.


Now on to my question. I have a older Yamaha rx-v450 and no DVD/blu-ray.

How much extra do I get if I upgrade to a Yamaha rx-v671 (or similar) and do I need to buy a blu-ray from the same company?


Finally all recommendations are welcome in my search.



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RE: Q7000s new best friend

Hi i don't really have much experience to advise on AV amps but i can say that No you don't have to a Yamaha blu ray player just because you have a Yamaha Receiver.

It is predominantly a video source so your main concerns will be how much you want to spend and for the money which player will put the best image on your chosen screen some people factor in musicality with cd's or SACD's what features you want etc etc.


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