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Please Please Help


Hello everyone,


I have an Yamaha RX V671. I have had it for about 9 months now. I have very basic speakers hooked up to it i.e. Symphony 8.3 fronts, Symphony Centre, Concept Rears. All are Eltax brand. Paradgim PDR8 Sub.


I am not happy with the speakers. Espcially the fronts. I listen to music on 2 channel and blue rays on 5.1. i would say 50 - 50%.


I want to change the fronts for now and slowly the others but keep the sub (I love the sub). I searched everywhere on the internet but can't see any suggestions. While I appreciate everyone hears sound differently I would love to hear your opinons. Please help.


Thanking you in advance

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RE: Please Please Help

What's your budget?

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